Waka & Tammy Talk Social Media Haters, Setting an Example for Daughter

In an exclusive interview with EBONY, Waka Flocka and wife, Tammy Rivera, discuss social media trolls, saying that while they ignore haters for the most part, they’ll defend their relationship if they feel it necessary. “I don’t feel the need to defend it, if I feel like addressing it at the time, then I will,” Tammy shared. She went on, “People be thinking, ‘oh, you’re a celebrity, you shouldn’t say nothing back.’ Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes you might just feel like, ‘okay, girl, whatever,’ or you might catch me on a flight, and I got time!” Waka went on to dismiss the “kids” who disrespect them online, saying they rarely, if ever, keep that same energy when they see the couple in person. The Brick Squad boss also dives into setting an example for step-daughter Charlie, saying he hopes she’s learned to demand respect from anyone she chooses to date in the future. “That’s the main reason I came back together with her mother, to let her know what a man does. When a man makes mistakes, what a man is supposed to do to admit to that mistake with action and not just words.” Check out the full clip above.